'Be inspired and make a difference'

By Shubangi Sunder

...says Purab Kohli, who is considered one of the most charming youngsters in the film industry today, Purab has managed to steal the hearts of many. Be it Hip Hip Hurray or Rock on, no one can deny the smile that spreads when he enters the screen. We chat with the man on his life growing up and the many interesting facets of his young life.

What was it like growing up for you? Your family, what did they do professionally? Did that ever influence your career choice? I was a very average student. My father is an hotelier and mum, a corporate trainer. They have always supported and pushed me towards my own dreams.

When did you first fall in love? I think I was 5 or 6. More like just a crush but it felt like Love. :)

Where did you do your schooling? Were you in class a lot? I was in a few schools, St. Stanislaus, Auxilium Convent, Bishops School. Yes of course! Bunking class dint exist till I got to college.

You had your first kiss at (age)? 15, I think.

What is the craziest thing you have done in class?

I scared my teacher while he poured a liquid from one test tube to the other, demonstrating a chemistry experiment. I don't know what happened to me, it was an involuntary action of my mouth. It just went 'Boom' when the two liquids mixed. The teacher dropped the apparatus on the floor and then almost dropped me to the floor with a tight slap.

What specialization did you choose in college? What were you: the nerd, the musician?

I started with science as I wanted to be a pilot, then moved to commerce for a year while I joined flying school and then, when I gave up the idea of being a pilot I moved to arts: Eco/Psycho/Lit. I think I was the loafer.

Top five favorite musicians: Sade, Usher, Ankur Tiwari, Erika Badu, Nina Simone, Eric Clapton, David Guetta, Zakhir Hussain...I listen to a wide range of music so there are many that I like.

Were you interested in theatre in college? Did you travel a lot back then as well?

Not really I've done only three plays in my life. Two in school, which were more like skits. One in college, which a friend forced me to do. I was more of a dancer, and did quite a few performances even outside school and college. And I think the travel bug comes from my dad. I've always been happy to go off on a journey.

Top three TV shows of all time: Simpson's, Californication, Hip Hip Hurray.

What phone do you own: Blackberry but have my eyes on the iphone 4S. Can't decide...

Favorite app:

I don't really use any besides memo pad. Maybe the iphone will enrich my app life ha ha.

How did you get interested in Vjing? How come the Entertainment Industry? I decided to work in this industry only in 2005, which was already after working in the industry for 7 yrs. Once I gave up flying I had nothing to do for 6 months, waiting for the new college term to start. In that time, I heard of an audition for Hip Hip Hurray and went for it. The next thing I knew I was in the entertainment business. But I started very young so had no ambition to do anything. It was just extra pocket money. I always thought I would end up doing something else. Only in 2005 after I saw 'My brother Nikhil', a film I had acted in the year before, I told myself that this is where I wanna be.

Director you would like to work with? Christopher Nolan

How did you decide the track your film career has taken?

Well since I had no ambition there was no plan. By the time I decided to make a plan there was already an image set. Only in the last couple of years have I started trying to take some direction. So one should see me in Different flavors in 2012.

Describe your ideal day: From what you do when you get up to what you do right before you sleep? Ok ideal day would be: Wake up early and go for a run. Big breakfast and then head to a shooting set. Pack up at 5.30 pm go to a beach for a swim till sunset and then a light flavorful dinner and a movie before bed.

How would you rate your life right now? (1 to 10- 10 being as you envisioned it) I think 10. I don't envision too far into the future .I think if u can sleep at night with a smile you are successful. Off late, I've really been enjoying my work so I'm sleeping happy.

Favorite pastime: Currently its reading.